Design Hoog was created to work with individuals, companies, and organizations fueled by a desire to inspire and affect positive changes in the world.

Katy Hoogerwerf was born and raised in New Orleans, which cultivated an early appreciation for art, culture, history, and tradition. Five years spent in the Arizona Sonoran desert nourished her love for the outdoors and led her to pursue a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture. The discipline was a perfect blend of her passions for art and the natural environment. While working for an international design firm, Katy honed her skills as a graphic artist. She became a leader in their communication design department before leaving to start her own company.

In the past decade, Katy has developed a love for the operational side of businesses, become an HR Coordinator, and shares her experience of building great companies and communicating their vision through Design Hoog.

Design Hoog was established to offer services focusing on, but not limited to, team building and recruitment, onboarding and retention strategies, creative design, digital marketing, and copywriting and editing. We work closely with clients to find the right people and communicate the company's vision. The collaborative process to find creative solutions is an integral part of our process and where the magic always happens.

Let's hop on the horn to discuss how we can help your company grow. 

Katy Hoogerwerf, Principal and Creative Director

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